Shout out to our Caps!

waston.jpgAs a life long British Columbian sports fan I MUST give an emphatic shout out to our very own Vancouver WhiteCaps! Facing an elimination game to kick off this year’s post-season, the Caps needed a victory or they would be cleaning out their lockers. Despite being heavily favoured to beat a visiting San Jose side that was just happy to be involved; the Caps buried 5… yes… 5 goals on the SJ Earthquakes.

Not only did the Vancouver side show outstanding quality and leave no doubt that they deserve to be in the playoffs, but they also: broke a club record with 5 goals in a game, they won their first ever playoff match, and they made our rivals and next opponents – the Seattle Sounders, collectively poop their pantaloons.

Massive performances from Kendall Waston, Cristian Bolanos, Freddy Montero, new keeper Stefan Marinovic and Nico Mesquita (who had 2 goals as a substitution) transformed a tense BC Place into a mad-house. After earning a 1-0 lead about 30 minutes in, San Jose bounced back with a few high pressure plays keeping the White Caps defense honest. It was only in the 57th minute that fans could breath a sign of relief – after wails of bewilderment and joy as “The Bug” Christian Techera scored a nearly 40 yard free kick with an absolute cannon that curved beautifully into the top corner.

Tack on another set-piece marker from Captain: Kendall Waston and two more goals in two minutes from substitution Mesquita and our very own White Caps progress to the Western Conference semi-finals for the first time since joining MLS.

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, if you have not witnessed a White Caps game live from BC Place, you’re sincerely missing out. It is the most electrifying atmosphere in Vancouver sports right now. Fans are bananas over this team, and rightfully so… They are fucking sick.

I ask two things of my readers today…

  1. Watch the video HERE and soak that shit in.
  2. Consider picking up a ticket HERE for Sunday’s tilt between Vancouver and Seattle.

At the end of the day, we’re Vancouver sports fans – let’s show some support, these boys are one of the hardest working and most skilled teams in the league and we’re lucky to have them playing in our own back yard. – GO CAPS GO! –

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