We are a community of dedicated Canucks fans. From the Artem Chubarov dynasty to the golden years of Arturs Irbe… we are fans through thick and thin.

It seems like the city of Vancouver has it’s share of fair-weather fans. Just look at our arena… From 2008-2012 it was a packed house night after night despite absurd ticket prices. Today I see a barren and quiet venue that often feels more like Raleigh, North Carolina than a Canadian city as the team slumps through a rebuild. I refuse to believe that Vancouver has turned it’s back on the squad that has lifted this city to never before seen heights and dragged us to the lowest of lows.

There is a need for an optimistic (naively if it has to be) source for Canucks news and commentary. And we need this now more than ever. Join our community of die-hards that love the sport and love the green & blue, yellow & red, purple & blue, burgundy, or whatever colour the Canucks are wearing on any given year.

This is what we do.