Who is Linus Karlsson and why should Canucks fans be excited about him?

Canucks fans, myself included, collectively slapped their foreheads at the start of the 2021-2022 season when they saw former Vancouver prospect Jonathan Dahlen lighting the lamp for the San Jose Sharks. Dahlen was acquired from Ottawa for Alex Burrows in 2017 – a popular trade that was considered a big win for a club looking […]
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Canucks oughtta go for broke

Amid swirling trade rumours, one thing in Canuck-land remains constant – Vancouver just keeps on winning. Now, I’ve been accused of being a rosy-lensed, pie-eyed optimist with delusions of the Canucks’ potential before – but ever since the acquisition of Big Brucey Boudreau, this team just seemed fated to reach the post-season. It has felt, […]
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Gaunce – Vancouver’s iron rich Cupboard Dweller Shines in Season Debut

If we take a look at the impressively stocked cupboards of the Vancouver Canucks’ development system, there’s a can of 6 year old re-fried beans in the back that has sat unaddressed for months and months. The beans still have plenty of time to shine as the expiry date is not for at least a […]
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Are the Canucks’ in the Post-Season a Pipe-dream?

The Vancouver Canucks along with their shiny new toy, Elias Pettersson currently sit 5th in the Western Conference and share the division lead with the Anaheim Ducks. So, in the wake of last night’s win against the Minnesota Wild, how crazy is it to say: ‘This team could make the playoffs’? Few, at the start […]
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ZNG – Episode 10 (Weekly Wrap-Up)

If you like him then you better slap a ‘C’ on him

  It’s been said a thousand times before, but after Saturday’s OT victory over the rival Bruins – it ought to be set in stone. Slap a friggin a ‘C’ on Bo Ho. The entire Canucks community knows who the heir apparent is on this Canucks squad, let’s just do away with the formalities and […]
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Online Harassment of Matheson is Embarassing

Perhaps this article comes a day or two late; however, the message should be one that we as sports fans ought to take seriously. In the wake of Elias Petterson falling victim of a dirty hit and body-slam leading to a concussion – Mike Matheson; the 24 year old Florida Panthers defenseman from Pointe-Claire, Quebec […]
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ZNG Podcast – Episode 8

Demi and Hahnsy analyze your week in Canucks hockey.

ZNG Podcast – Episode 6

ZNG Podcast – Episode 4