1000 for Dank in Unofficial Torch-passing Ceremony in Nashville


Source: CBC.ca

The Vancouver Canucks channeled their inner Dorsett as they downed the mighty Nashville Predators in their own barn on Wednesday night.

The game became a bit of a “Passing of the Torch” ceremony as both the Twins and Brock Boeser made bold statements on the scoreboard. The evening; however, rightfully belonged to Daniel Sedin, whose three points and game-tying goal propelled the seasoned vet into the 1000 point club – a milestone that Henrik enjoyed last season.

While the twins accounted for a whopping 6 points between them in the contest, another story-line continues to unfold, and it’s one that Canuck fans can’t get enough of – Brock Boeser’s.

Boeser scored two goals (including the game winner) with unparalleled panache. The young stud’s first marker in the second period saw Boeser in a non-threatening position in front of a crowded slot. Kid pulls back, changes angles, creates a screen out the d-man, and with little to no wind-up buries a rocket in the top corner over Rinne’s right shoulder.

Brock’s second goal was not another showcase of that deadly shot, but rather a display of veteran patience and a penchant for burying biscuits as he accepted a beauty feed from Goldobin and out-waited Pekka Rinne with a dandy little dangle before chipping the puck into the gaping mesh; which brings me to my next point… Nikolai Goldobin.

Goldobin, who is now 22 years old (same age as Bo) and has been lighting it up in Utica was given a solid gold opportunity lined up with Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser. The kid looked great and earned himself an assist on the aforementioned game-winner leading to a plus 2 rating on the night. Credit to Travis Green for giving the kid an opportunity to succeed and refusing to line up a high-talent individual like Goldobin in the bottom six.

The evening was full of positives for the Canucks including the continuing recent emergence of Loui Ericksson, who is starting to look like Loui Ericksson. The veteran had 2 goals on the night and appears to be finding some form alongside the Sedins. The trio of Swedish 30 somethings combined for 8 points and are starting to look dangerous on the powerplay, but perhaps more importantly: 5 on 5.


Source: The Province

My final observation of the night, and perhaps even the first star of the evening through my eyes was Anders Nilsson. The Canucks “backup” made 29 saves, many in Dominic Hasekian fashion. While the Canucks trailed for most of this game, Nilsson kept that deficit limited to one – giving the visiting team a chance to take over in the third. Man oh fucking man, if you happened to miss the game, here’s one of his finest saves of the evening.

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