If you like him then you better slap a ‘C’ on him


It’s been said a thousand times before, but after Saturday’s OT victory over the rival Bruins – it ought to be set in stone. Slap a friggin a ‘C’ on Bo Ho.

The entire Canucks community knows who the heir apparent is on this Canucks squad, let’s just do away with the formalities and just make it official already. Bo Horvat has been the most consistent aaaaand electifying Canuck as of late (since Pettersson fell to injury), scoring 3 goals in the past 5 games, including the dandy OT winner last night.

Fuck that one felt real goooood. Twist the dagger into Marchand and his squad of faux tough guys.

Beyond the lamp-lighting and deadly chemistry with the Brock(Star) Boeser, Bo also laid out an unsuspecting Bruin with a nice clean friggin knock early in the second period of Saturday’s tilt – a real nice tone-setter. As one would expect, some plug in a Bruins jersey (Noel Acciari) stepped up… perhaps expecting to stand a chance against the generally emotionally subdued Horvat. Wrong.

Right off the hop, big ole right hand from Bo knocked young Noel Acciari into a tizzy, leaving him bloodied (which, to be fair was likely a cut from his visor).

Bo should have written the C on his jersey with Acciari’s blood right then and there… How’s that for sending a message.

While I will always have love for the twins, it’s been a long time since the Canucks have had a guy like Bo. Ready and willing to answer the bell, rock solid defensively, and a goddamn honey-badger of a power forward. All that and he’s not even 24 years old.

Forget about the fear of ‘putting too much pressure on the kid’… Shit, he’s already had the weight of this franchise on his shoulders since he broke into the league. He’s ready. Just get it over with.

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