Oh, COME ON!… Canucks can’t catch a break

boeser hurt.pngAfter an inspired overtime victory over a very solid San Jose Sharks team on Friday, the Canucks were looking to have bounced back from their recent string of painful losses both on the scoreboard and on their roster. Fast forward to Sunday against the Calgary Flames and all of a sudden things go from bad to worse.

Our golden boy, Brock Boeser, who was arguably the front-runner for the Calder Trophy blocked a Mark Giordano shot with his foot – it was the shot heard round the city as all of British Columbia paused, fingers crossed, as the Brock Star crawled his way to the Vancouver bench and did not return.

While Canucks fans have descended into a tizzy of speculation regarding the severity of the injury, no timetable has yet to be announced regarding the star-rookie’s injured foot. So, while many are taking cover as the skies fall on this cursed squad’s dream start to the season – there’s no reason yet to construct a catastrophe until more is known.

That being said, fuck. Seriously?

While it seemed, early in the season, that everything was going right for the Canucks; Dorsett was leading the charge offensively and defensively on the checking line with Sutter and Granlund; Horvat, Boeser and Baertschi were producing at an unprecedented rate with found chemistry; the Vancouver underdogs positioned themselves firmly in a playoff contention conversation – and within a week, all of that has dramatically changed. Dorsett: out, Sutter: out, Horvat: out, Baertschi: out, and now Boeser: out.

To add insult to injury (literally, in this case) the Canucks fell to their divisional rivals in embarrassing fashion (6-1) after Boeser’s shot-block and the next few weeks are looking pretty god damned dreary.

While I hate to dig out a silver lining in the form of admitting defeat (which I am not prepared to do yet), if these injuries continue to plague the Canucks and lead to an insurmountable deficit; Jim Benning and Trevor Linden will be forced to make some moves at the deadline.

Should the ship fail to correct itself, expect to see the likes of Thomas Vanek and Erik Gudbranson shipped out for prospects or picks. And if, heaven forbid, we find our beloved squad bottom dwelling alongside the Edmonton Oilers – maybe the odds of drafting in the top 5 again becomes a reality yet again. I truly hope it does not come to that, but if it does, at least it at the hands of an epidemic of bad-luck injuries – not a Buffalo Sabres style intentional bed-shitting that leads our team to the bottom of the table.

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